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COVID-19 Impact

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Domi&Hoi Team Events 🆚 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

To our dearest beloved Zouk community,

First of all, let us thank you for your patience.

Our team spent the last week reviewing the current situation and it’s development to finalise our contingency plan and guidelines. We want to be as transparent as possible on how we will be navigating through the Coronavirus pandemic crisis. 

We feel that we have a responsibility to clearly communicate to you; 

  1. Our two clear duties; (A) Priority #1 is your health & safety, (B) Priority #2 is delivering the quality service that you have paid us for.
  2. Inform you of the current status and any changes to Domi&Hoi Team events.
  3. Provide you details of our contingency plan and preparation that we have made to ensure the highest possible health & safety we can put into place.

***** WE WANT TO BE CLEAR *****
THAT ALL EVENT DATES CAN STILL BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY MOMENT. Circumstances may U-turn at any time out of our control. Due to this we kindly ask you for your full support and preparedness not to be disappointed if we must postpone again because your health & safety is our priority #1!

Here is the current status of Domi&Hoi Team events (Last updated: 14/01/2021):





    • Wed 13 – Mon 18 May 2020 : Zouk Retreat: ‘Body Communication’ with Anderson & Brenda + In the Dark

✔️ We are still ACCEPTING registration from all countries. 

❌ At the time of the event, if Poland or your country of residence has travel restrictions, you are stuck in a quarantine zone, have or possibly have Coronavirus, please let us know immediately to coordinate moving your spot to the next event or as a credit to other Domi&Hoi Team events (**Subject to availability and meeting any pre-requisites).

💰 Why is your money always safe with us?

  • Your spot is YOUR SPOT, whether we continue or postpone.
  • Your monetary risk with joining our event(s) is very MINIMAL because the only monetary risk is your flight / travel costs.
  • All our full passes are packaged to include accommodation and meals, which is within our control to move. We have already made arrangements with our hotel venue(s) as part of the contingency plan.

✈️ What we advise when booking flights and travel?

  • Book your flights / other transportation tickets with the option to change or cancel them.
  • Or, wait until 1 MONTH PRIOR TO THE EVENT before buying any flight / other transportation tickets.
  • If you don’t already have travel insurance, it may be worth looking at some travel insurances that may be valid in this situation.
  • If you already booked your flights and we have to postpone an event, unfortunately, this is something we can not help with unless your insurance covers event cancellation, which we can provide you evidence. We will lose our flights too, so we’re in this together.
  • If your flight gets canceled by the airline or you are directly affected by the Coronavirus, I believe there are refund policies with the airline where they can help you. Please check your airline policy.
  • And in the meanwhile, continue to closely monitor the global situation.


  • You have any flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, or difficulty breathing.
  • You have returned from travel in the last 3 weeks or live in an area with sustained local transmission (not just a travel ban/warning).
  • You have had close physical contact with a person currently under investigation for COVID-19, or who is a confirmed case of COVID-19.
Please contact us if you have a paid spot and can’t attend because of some of the above-listed reasons.  We will transfer your spot to the next event or as a credit to other Domi&Hoi Team events (**).

You can continue registering to Domi&Hoi Team events as normal and secure your full pass spot with a deposit. If you prefer to wait, that’s also okay but please bear in mind that we have very limited spots.

Please continue reading the next section for the full details of our contingency plan, preparation & policy we put in place to help keep us all as safe as possible before, during and after any of our events.

Novel Coronavirus [COVID-19] -
Contingency Plan, Preparation & Policy

This is Hoi writing on behalf of Domi&Hoi Team who run ChillZouk and ZoukDanceCamp events in Poland, plus our latest collaborative project Belarus Retreat.

We are sure you have been keeping up-to-date with the news, social media, traditional media, friends and discussions about Novel Coronavirus aka COVID-19. 

This announcement is not to educate you about the seriousness of this virus because we are sure you have been educating yourself on the risks and dangers it is to the elderly and those with weaker immune systems.

The biggest global threat is actually overwhelming healthcare systems that have very limited Intensive Care Units (ICU). Once ICUs are at full capacity, it means doctors will have to start making decisions about who lives and dies. The entire world is doing what they can to slow down the spread so our healthcare system has a chance to deal with this outbreak at a manageable rate. WE ALL MUST DO TO HELP!

Please read till the very bottom of this announcement where you find a list of very useful reading and information about COVID-19.

The Coronavirus is here and the current challenge is finding how to continue living dance with minimal impact on our lives and while minimising the chance of spread. We need to take careful steps of prevention and this can only be done by being prepared. 

With Domi&Hoi Team events, there are only 2 actual ways we can go so we made this detailed contingency plan, preparation, and policy for the following: 

🟢 Current Scenario – Event(s) Continue As Planned


🟠 Alternative Scenario – Event(s) Postponement.

After careful considerations, here are the details of our contingency plans, preparation, and policy for these 2 scenarios:


<< Just before the event starts <<

Be proactive, extra vigilant and precautious:

  • We advise self-isolation before and after our event(s), and upon returning from any other travels for 14 days to ensure no symptoms appear. You do not want to be spreading it to your dearest friends and families!

What happens if I have a paid spot and are unlikely to go because of new travel restrictions in my country or is stuck in a quarantine zone, or have or potentially have Coronavirus?

  • More than 4 or 6 weeks (depending which event) before the event starts, we can refund and waive our admin fees but only deduct the bank transfer fees, or, we can move your spot to the next event or as a credit to other Domi&Hoi Team events (**).
  • Less than 4 or 6 weeks (depending on which event) before the event starts, we can move your spot to the next event or as a credit to other Domi&Hoi Team events (**).

What happens if I have a paid spot with none of the above circumstances but still want to cancel?

  • More than 4 or 6 weeks (depending which event) before the event starts, we can refund as per our standard refund policy, unfortunately, our standard refund charges would still apply. See;
  • Less than 4 or 6 weeks (depending which event) before the event starts, we can move your spot to the next event or as a credit to other Domi&Hoi Team events.

What to pack?

  • Your usual travel stuff and Zouk stuff!
  • Bring your own personal small bottle of hand gel sanitisers (+60% alcohol). Make sure you use it after touching any surfaces.
  • A travel jacket and another jacket for once you arrive.
  • Pack enough clothes to change frequently every day because Coronavirus can be picked up, live on surfaces for up to 3-4 days and spread to others through this transfer.
  • Common sense. Yes please! Don’t risk it if it doesn’t feel right. Don’t take chances thinking you won’t catch it and the chances are slim or it’s okay because you are healthy & strong. That sort of thinking isn’t preparation in keeping yourself and everyone else safe. It’s not just about you.

@@ During the event @@

At all Domi&Hoi Team events, this is what we have prepared for you:

  • Spare plastic bags for you to put your travel jacket and travel clothes in.
  • We’re working closely with the hotels to deeply disinfect their hotel facilities daily and provide all the necessary soaps, sanitisers and cleaning. We have also purchased additional backup healthcare supplies in case the hotel runs out of stock. 
  • We apologise ahead of time if it does smell strongly of chemicals. We’ll be using scented candles to help mask some of the disinfectant smell and also opening windows to ensure fresh ventilated air throughout the event.
  • Alcohol-based (+60%) hand sanitizers will be provided all around social spaces, and we advise all dancers to wash their hands regularly after EACH dance AND also to use the alcohol-based hand sanitisers regularly including after touching any surfaces.
  • We’ll have infra-red thermometers to check everyone’s temperature on a daily morning basis and additionally when required or requested. This will be mandatory and we’ll be keeping daily records on a spreadsheet to monitor any dramatic changes.
  • If you start feeling unwell with ANY of the following coronavirus symptoms: (1) Fever, (2) Cough, (3) Shortness of Breath. [12]
    Please go & stay in your room and notify Domi & Hoi Team via phone immediately.
    We’ll provide several WhatsApp / Telegram / Telephone numbers for you to contact us on. 
  • We have prepared additional rooms with the hotel to move your room sharing buddy (if you are sharing) should you start feeling unwell. You need to let us know immediately so we can make this arrangement. We’ll make sure any sick or unwell person receives isolation.
    We’ll provide several WhatsApp / Telegram / Telephone numbers for you to contact us on.
  • We’ve stocked medical masks for you to use if you are coughing/sneezing often. This is only used to prevent the sick from spreading their germs around.
  • If you need isolation within the hotel venue, you’ll be provided room service meals and we’ll be in regular contact with you via our phone to monitor your condition and help in any way.
  • Should anyone show Coronavirus symptoms, we would contact the healthcare services for assistance.

What will we be asking of you:

  • As soon as you arrive and check-in to your guest room, please shower, wash your hair with shampoo, wash all over your body and put your dirty clothes into a plastic bag, tie it up and away from your clean clothes. Coronavirus can survive up to 3-4 days on surfaces. You may have picked it up on your clothes and skin during your travel. 
  • Put your travel jacket into another separate plastic bag. We will have some plastic bags spare should you need.
  • Not to share cups, drinks, spoons, forks, etc. We will provide you enough individual cups so you shouldn’t need to share. Write your name on it and always double-check it’s your cup you are drinking from!
  • Please wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 30 seconds frequently as possible. We advise you to do this after every partner changes and also use our alcohol hand sanitisers that we have provided.
  • Avoid touching your face and avoid touching other people’s faces!
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do it in your ‘elbow’ or ‘armpit’, but go immediately to clean it up and disinfect the contaminated elbow or armpit because it could rub onto your partner when dancing.
  • Sneezing/coughing often? Go to your room and take a rest. See the next day how you are feeling and we’ll come over to take your temperature. Let us know immediately because we’ve prepared spare rooms to move your roommate (if applicable) to isolate anyone who is sick. (We’ll provide several WhatsApp / Telegram / Telephone numbers for you to contact us on). Should anyone show Coronavirus symptoms, we would contact the healthcare services for assistance.
  • After every 3-5 partners change, go wash both your hands and your face. Dry your hands and face with paper towels which you throw away directly into the bins provided.
  • Make sure you keep your body healthy: take enough rest, eat healthy, drink enough, wash your hands and face often. This includes getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day to help boost your immune system! [10]
  • Daily hygiene; please shower, wash your hair with shampoo, body, hands, everything and put your dirty clothes into a plastic bag, tie it up and away from your clean clothes. Minimal once a day, twice, three or four times a day is even better!
  • We’ll place signs around the venue to remind you to constantly practice these hygiene practices!

>> After the event >>

Be proactive, extra vigilant and precautious:

  • We advise self-isolation upon returning from any travels for 14 days to ensure no symptoms appear. You do not want to be spreading it to your dearest friends and families!


Domi&Hoi Team will never cancel any event, instead, we would plan for postponements when the situation improves and it’s safer for everyone again.

There are 3 main triggers for postponement, so please be prepared if we need to momentarily postpone. Near the time for each event, if the following occurs:-

1️⃣ Governments in Poland or any other hosting country of our event(s) have a sudden change to travel restriction, which means no one can enter the country from outside or leave.

2️⃣ Governments in Poland or any other hosting country of our event(s) restricts the number of people gathering at an event and our event exceeds it. This will vary depending on which event. Eg. 10/50/100 people size restriction.

3️⃣ Teachers at our ZoukDanceCamp are caught in quarantine or stuck in a travel restricted country, which means very last minute alterations.

We can assure you, the most you would lose out on are your flight / travel costs. We would lose out on these too, for our team, our DJs, teachers, and helpers. So we’re all on the same boat. (To minimise your financial risk further, in our previous section, please see ‘✈️ What we advise when booking flights and travel?’)

We’ll never keep your money. The worst worst case is postponement, but your spot is always your spot! We won’t take that away from you. You also have the option of transfering as credit to other Domi&Hoi Team events (**).

All our events are packaged with accommodation and meals, so these are within our control and we would just move them to another available date. We may lose the deposit and/or be asked to help the hotel with some costs since ingredients and food won’t be possible to reuse anymore and having to rebuy DJs’ & Teachers’ flight/travel tickets. Domi&Hoi Team will deal with these costs. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you for more money to cover our costs!

Unfortunately, our event insurance does not cover for “Force Majeure”, unforeseeable circumstances such as act of nature, which they have classed Coronavirus as. So we’re already mentally prepared to take a big loss.

Even if we run at a loss of having to postpone until a later date, we will make the event(s) happen, that you have our word, our promise.
Please believe in us and provide the hope that this alternative scenario doesn’t occur, and even if it does, kindly continue to have faith in us and support us by buying your flights again to join the event when we get the green lights to go ahead again.

(Very unlikely but in case) If we ever run deeply into the red financially, then we may ask you to be patient with us while we rebuild again to a point where we will be able to give you your spot or refund your money. We will never keep what isn’t ours and always ensure we give something back of equal value. Again, that is our promise to you.
Please continue having trust and faith in us as you’ve always had. 

If we have to shut down our entire operations for the year, we’re not afraid to do so because your health & safety is our priority #1, if we or our community and government feel this is the safest action. We’re making this very clear so that you understand that this is a path we’re not afraid to go when it becomes necessary to save lives and protect you.

There are still too many unknowns. We don’t know exactly what will happen in 2 months time or the near future, nothing is guaranteed in life other than being prepared as much with our understanding from the available public information.

Domi&Hoi Team is thankful that we had the time to devise a contingency plan. We really feel for the organisers who were given little or no time to prepare for this. We’re all part of the same team, humanity, please understand and do not direct your anger at organisers or anyone really for any losses. This is not a time for reaction, it’s a time for contemplation, logical actions and helping each other to get through this. 

So far, many of you have been calm, patient and handling the situation positively and supportively, which shows just how united our Brazilan Zouk dance community is. Thank you!!!

With all the preparation, policies and planning we put in place, we should be able to manage through this together.
Thank you for all your ongoing support the last few years, thank you for your patience, thank you for staying calm and thank you for staying strong for those who can’t.

As part of the personal relationship we build with every single one of our participants, we’ll be reaching out to each of you personally to ensure you are aware of this contingency plan and guidelines, and anything else we can help you with. We are here to help each other where we can and get through this together. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to leave a comment or email us domihoiteam@gmail.com or message our Facebook pages.


Hoi on behalf of Domi&Hoi Team x
~ Your loving hosts ❤️

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