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26 June-5 July 2020 ~ ‘Retrace Your Dance Journey’ with Anderson & Brenda – Chapter 1 [Grounding]

Retrace Your Dance Journey - Chapter 1


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We highly recommend reading the Home page and FAQ page because it will answer most of your questions and also explains our unique learning concept in full details.

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Anderson & Brenda are happy to offer some additional  private class during the week-long ZoukDanceCamp. This is perfect for anyone wanting to strengthen any particular areas during this ZoukDanceCamp. There are very limited slots available, so make a swift decision!

Anderson & Brenda Has Something To Say!

Anderson & Brenda Has Something To Say! *Listen Up!*

Programme Description

This is not going to be like any other Anderson & Brenda workshops or immersion courses you have ever been to! With 9 days to deep dive into dance technicalities, tools & methodologies, connections & energies. Uncover the full story of how Anderson & Brenda formed their dance foundation and experience the journey they took to become the dancers they are now.

For clarity, this is not about their connection philosophy only. You will spend a lot of time developing & honing your dance skills with the help of Anderson & Brenda, and how to apply this layer-upon-layer of techniques to create a dance that belongs to you.

This is a series we prepared for you to learn all of the details of the Brenderson technique. It consists of 4 chapters and 4 main topics: (1) Grounding, (2) Lead and Follow, (3) Flow, and (4) Building Your Dance. You will find more information about the main topics in the ‘Workshop Topics‘ section below.

In every chapter, all of the 4 topics above will be covered but each chapter will focus on one of the main topics. This means you will learn the main topic in detail and train for 3 whole days. There will be enough time to practice and master the main topic and still learn how it works with others. Each of the non-main topics will have one day dedicated to it. This will let everyone get a full overview of the #Brenderson-Technique. 

You will get the most benefit and enhanced knowledge if you attend all of the chapters. But having all the topics covered in each chapter lets you also choose the main topic you are more interested in. This means you can join Chapter 2 even if you couldn’t attend Chapter 1.

This ZoukDanceCamp is best for proficient dancers who have a good technical understanding and competence in the fundamentals of Brazilian Zouk. You need to be serious in taking your dance to a whole new level in every aspect. Only 32 people (16 couples) will participate in this rare custom-made programme built to our unique learning environment.

We will use the pre-requisites listed on this page to work on the #Brenderson-Technique. These are the building blocks that sculpts your dance. Anderson and Brenda will share with you all of their secrets which they apply to these Brazilian Zouk movements. Prepare your body, mind & soul as Anderson & Brenda dissect the layers of each dance fundamental building block to reveal the technicality knowhow that connects with their soul to create breathtaking dances.

To qualify for this ZoukDanceCamp, you must meet ALL of the pre-requisites. There may be some exceptions, please see our FAQ 🔗What if I don’t meet all the pre-requisites but still want to join?

We highly recommend signing up with a partner because based on past experience and our previous ZoukDanceCamps, those who signed up with partners showed incredible results of the biggest improvements. This is because they are able to practice with a body they are already familiar with and are comfortable giving each other sincere feedback. Another advantage is your fixed partner is someone who you are likely able to practice with after the ZoukDanceCamps for further development. We do limit the number of single spots and can give priority to applications with partners.

Get ready to unlock your full potential!


  • Basic (Passo Basico)
  • Viradinha -> 90 degrees and 180 degrees
  • Simple Turn
  • Elástico "Raul"
  • Lateral
  • Soltinho (Turn of the Follower, turn of the Leader)
  • Abertura (Opening)
  • Lunge
  • Yo Yo
  • Chicote
  • Boneca (head movement on the spot)
  • Snake
  • Ondinha ou Cobrinha (Body Roll)

Please note that we might ask you to make a video of yourselves doing the pre-requisites.

Not sure what some of these movements are? Google or google translate! Many times you know these movements but just don’t remember the actual name(s)

26 June - 5 July 2020 (9 Nights)

Days To Go!

* Each person (Individuals or couples), need to fill in their own application form.

Our Loyal Students will get the first spots. Then our VIP Group Members who already showed interest and our E-mail Subscribers get to apply! From December 1st application will be open for everyone who is interested.

The timeline for releasing the application form will be as follows:

➡️ (1) 20-25 November – Loyal Students
➡️ (2) 26-30 November – VIP Group + E-mail Subscribers
➡️ (3) 1 December – To Public

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Introducing Anderson & Brenda

Anderson & Brenda… Do they even need an introduction? One of the world’s top international Brazilian Zouk artists from São Paulo, Brazil. Many of us watch in awe how these two wonderful people can be so connected by body, mind & soul through the flow of music. Behind their beautiful movements & expressions lies layer-upon-layer of dance technicality that allows their deep connection philosophy to flow like blood through the body. Be part of this rare opportunity as Anderson & Brenda unveils the secrets behind their dance.

Anderson & Brenda’s Vision for this ZoukDanceCamp

After teaching for over 8 years in and out of Brazil, we saw that there are very big differences in how people use the ground… We understand there are cultural aspects that influence this and our proposal is to bring more consciousness to this into the technical aspects of dancing… An example is we understand the more light we feel, the more we use the ground, so this is something we’re really excited about and is the first aspect we’d love to share with you.

Before diving deep into emotional and spiritual aspects of connection, we were big “nerds” of measuring and equalizing pressure points of contact in couple dance, since we worked with Samba De Gafieira. The second technical aspect we’d be sharing is how to bring this contact information to your legs… This made such a huge difference in how we feel together which is one of the secrets to keep the “spiritual” or “present state of mind” when we are dancing traditional steps…

The third technical aspect we’d be sharing is the understanding of energy that movement generates, and how to open ourselves to listen to our own bodies and our partner… At our most current journey of our lives, dance became a tool of self-knowledge and we are very excited to bring this to you because it was the latest life-changing lesson we’ve learned during our studies in the past 4 years.

Lastly, we’re going to integrate these technicality and mindfulness tools to create a dance that speaks through your soul… Well, this is our goal, and our dreams, so, we hope to see you in Poland for this unique programme we’ve put together with Domi & Hoi! Again, we’re so excited to be part of your dance journey!!!

Are you ready to retrace your dance journey?

Hotel, Venue & Address

The Most Comfortable Learning Environment!

All-Inclusive In Price:
✔️ 37.5 Hours of Workshop & Teacher Assisted Practice!
✔️ 9 Nights of Shared Accommodation at ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ParkHotel Łysoń!
✔️ Breakfast, Dinner & Supper Meals!
✔️ Unlimited Water, Coffee & Tea!
✔️ Snacks & Fresh Fruits!
✔️ Great Dance Floor & Sound System!
✔️ Bean Bags & Blankets!
✔️ Spa & Wellbeing Facilities!
✔️ First-class customers care from our ZDC team!

Optional Extras (Pay at Hotel):
➕ Massages.
➕ Private Classes.

➖ Flights.
➖ Airport Transfers.
➖ Personal Travel Insurance.

Hotel/Venue Address:
📍 🔗Hotel Łysoń, Wadowicka street 169a, 34-120 Andrychów, Poland

Nearest Airport:
✈️ Krakow Airport, 50 min by car, 49.1 km

How To Get There:
🗺️ 🔗Travel/Transport Guide

Workshop Topics

In every chapter, all of the 4 topics above will be covered but each chapter will focus on one of the main topics. This means you will learn the main topic in detail and train for 3 whole days. There will be enough time to practice and master the main topic and still learn how it works with others. Each of the non-main topics will have one day dedicated to it. This will let everyone get a full overview of the #Brenderson-Technique.

This means you can join Chapter 2 even if you couldn’t attend Chapter 1.

(Click the days or arrows to expand)

* This is the main topic of this chapter 1 which we will deep dive *

Brazilian Zouk, when we started to learn in Brazil, was a dance with a lot of African and ground characteristics. The movement came from the ground, boil on the hips and explode in the head in Lambada… After traveling the world, Brazilian Zouk changed a lot, and this is an aspect that we miss the most when we remember the roots of this dance. Today, this is the aspect that we feel people need the most since Brazilian Zouk can have a very airy and water flow, it’s very common that people feel unbalanced with the lack of grounding.

In the way we teach, we like to build the dance from toe-to-head, so grounding is where everything will start. Not only about the understanding of the skeleton and the stacking bones, posture, muscle tone, and how to step in a way that feels more balanced, efficient and pleasurable, but also about grounding yourself with confidence, self-power, decision and pleasure to live in your own body.

Samba de Gafieira, Bolero, and Tango helped us so much in building our connection from the ground to frame. So, we will use them to practice exercises applying our technique into it and connect it to Brazilian Zouk.

We will use Eutonia (a mind-body discipline created by Gerda Alexander based on the experience of one’s own body) to increase sensitivity on feet, ankles, knees, hips, and posture to use gravity for a relaxed balance. Another big influence of hips and enjoyment of lower body in Brazil was Axe, a local popular solo dance that helps to have ground, fun, and flow on hips movements, so we will also bring that to help your grounding.

Lots of lateral, traveling steps, hip movements, turns and lead and follow challenges will be used to apply grounding in your Zouk. And we hope that with this development, we will be able to also challenge you with changing dynamics and speed being fast & slow together with your partner with the least tension you can.

Remember all the series will through all 4 basic principles: Grounding, Lead and Follow, Flow, and Building Your Dance. But this one will be the base for all of them.

* We’ll only touch some of this topic, but here is the full description of what would be encompassed in Chapter 2 *

Who never got impressed with the crazy dynamics, going from super-fast turns to super slow pauses in the middle of the movement that Anderson & Brenda show in their demos? Oh well, the relaxed aspect of it comes a lot from the way they use the ground, but the speed is basically communicated by their technique of lead and follow.

If grounding is the base of the dance in terms of movement, lead and follow is the base of what will make this movement to be communicated. And this is one of the most important aspects to make our dance “social”… The possibility of communicating with anybody, from wherever part of the world, by understanding the language that intelligent and fluid bodies use to incorporate a leader role or a follower role, in this case, through Brazilian Zouk.

Anderson & Brenda got very nerdy in this aspect of dancing. That was how they got so much into connection… It was not from breathing or spirituality, that was actually a consequence of studying so much the elements of lead and follow.
So in this chapter, they are very excited to share some of the secrets behind their connection:

The Ruler of Intensity (Leader & Follower)

It’s a measuring tool that will help you to develop one of the most important skills on a social dancer: The ability of understanding and adapting to different leaders or followers by matching the speed, frame, tension and pressure in many different ways.

From The Center (Leader & Follower)

The technique of locating the center of energy by the base of the spine that helps the information to go easily to the center up to create fluid head movements, or to the center down to create refined traveling steps. This will also be deeply addressed in the Grounding chapter.

The Power of a Sensitive Waiting (Follower)

That’s one of the most difficult skills to develop as a follower. The relaxed state of attention. Where they don’t anticipate the movement. Where they need to be very connected with their bodies, to not do a movement because they understand it but because they feel it. We are going to practice this with exercises to increase sensitivity, awareness, and perception.

Organisation and Structure (Leader)

This is the base of what makes leaders clear and precise. Their ability of organising what they want, with what they have and what they can do with it. How to use their body to create movement and to maintain flow and how to be creative and efficient with the frame or the points of contact.

The Power of Fluid Decision (Leader)

That’s one of the most important skills to develop as a leader. Being clear and precise with what they want without being demanding and controlling. For that, we gonna go through 2 big aspects of leading: The attitude/action and the listening.

The Power of Touch (Leader & Follower)

After having the technical-mechanical aspects of connection, we are going to go through the technical-sensitive aspects of it. Of course, when we think about Anderson and Brenda, we also think about yummy dances, and by studying this element, this is a very easy consequence. Touch is the main channel that we communicate in the dance. We will understand some of the layers of the skin that create different kinds of quality in the movement, so we can make the close embrace AND the crazy drills all very yummy!

* We’ll only touch some of this topic, but here is the full description of what would be encompassed in Chapter 3 *

Exciting… Now that we have freedom coming from the steps, with a wide base on our hips and all the stacking bones from ‘Grounding’. The refined language that we use to communicate and send the energy of the movement up and down from the center of the body in different dynamics. It’s now time to release more tension of our balanced bodies and experience the flow of letting the dance happen freely and consciously.

In this chapter of ‘Flow’, we will keep using concepts of ‘Grounding’, and ‘Lead and Follow’ to reach the next level. This is where movement becomes energy that flows inside of leader’s & follower’s bodies and through space.

In this dance, there is a strong feeling of sending, receiving and redirecting energy that the leader applies to the follower’s body. The follower’s body becomes an open channel ready to receive the energy sent from the leader which then is sent to the ground and from the ground back to the leader.

Two sub-topics of flow we will be covering are internal flow and external flow.

The internal flow will be the application of the ‘Grounding’, posture, Eutonia techniques applied to body isolations and compensations that create circles, infinities, and waves…

The external flow will use the ‘Lead & Follow’ techniques to generate traveling patterns and play with the feeling of “giving, receiving and redirecting” through space creating this beautiful feeling of flying freely…

* We’ll only touch some of this topic, but here is the full description of what would be encompassed in Chapter 4 *

Oh nice, you’ve made it this far! This is the part where dance becomes really advance. It’s where the technique needs to be forgotten. Why? Because it is already there… Now it’s time to build the dance, and each one is different. Building this kind of dance requires a lot of perception and presence, to notice which kinds of movement, touch, speed, and quality this body needs to be able to flow.

In this chapter, we will go through some of the secrets we use to prepare our bodies to be ready to flow. Which kind of movements help the energy to flow better on the lower body. How to help leaders be calmer during a dance. How to help followers relax more of her upper body for pleasant and safe head movements.

We build our dance from ‘Grounding’, posture stacking bones and stability, mixing with different dynamics to warm up the ‘Lead and Follow’ so we can ‘Flow’ into what the bodies are ready for in that specific day and moment.

So this is all about using the techniques to create a dance with a presence which is the most important part of it. In this chapter, we will go deeper into the mindfulness state to create the dance which makes sense at that moment, with that partner, in the now.

Empathy, embracing the multidimensional beings we are, respect, meeting people where they are, perception and connection will connect all the work we did so far. This is the part of our journey that transformed dance into magic. I wouldn’t miss this!

Daily Schedule

This is the typical schedule for each day. Please note there may be slight changes during the event.

Along with workshops & teacher assisted practice, there are also non-assisted practice / free-time. 

(Click the days or arrows to expand)

  • 15:00 Hotel Room Check-in Opens
  • 15:00 – 19:00 Free Time
  • 19:00 – 21:00 Welcome Dinner & Drinks! (2 hours)
  • 21:00 – 00:00 Social Party (4 hours)
  • 07:00 – 10:00 Breakfast (3 hours)
  • 10:00 – 11:00 Non-assisted Practice / Free-Time (1 hour)
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Workshop (1 hour)
  • 12:00 – 13:30 Teacher Assisted Practice (1 hour 30 mins)
  • 13:30 – 13:45 Quiet Contemplation Time for Memory Retention (15 mins)
  • 13:45 – 16:00 Lunch (2 hours 15 mins)
  • 15:00 – 16:00 Non-assisted Practice / Free-Time / Nap (1 hour)
  • 16:00 – 17:00 Workshop (1 hour)
  • 17:00 – 18:30 Teacher Assisted Practice (1 hour 30 mins)
  • 18:30 – 18:45 Quiet Contemplation Time for Memory Retention (15 mins)
  • 18:45 – 21:00 Dinner (2 hours 15 mins)
  • 21:00 – 22:00 Free-Time (1 hour)
  • 22:00 – 02:00 Social Party (4 hours)
  • 08:00 – 12:00 Breakfast
  • 12:00 Check-out, and goodbyes!

Prices & Loyalty Discounts

🛒 Apply early and save more! The prices below are based on the date you submit your application. Our loyal students and their partner also get a huge 10% saving and are offered the spots first! If you are offered a spot for this Chapter 1, you will be eligible for Loyalty Discounts and the first offer of applying to our other Zouk Dance Camps (i.e. Chapter 2) and ChillZouk events! Learn more about 🔗LOYALTY DISCOUNTS!

If you receive a spot offer, please ensure payments are made within 14 days otherwise the spot will be canceled and offered to someone else. You will lose the best price and have to apply again if you wish to join (subject to availability). Secure your spot now with only a deposit of €399. Please note, no payment is taken when filling out the application form, we only ask for payment after a spot offer.

IMPORTANT: By applying, it does not mean an automatic spot offer! We will ask for your patience as we review applications and any additional videos we may request to ensure applicants meet the minimal pre-requisites laid out for this programme. We kindly ask you not to make any travel plans until your spot is confirmed.

  • Apply Before 30 Nov 2019 = €1549 (Loyal Student = €1394.10 - Saving €154.90)
  • Apply Before 31 Dec 2019 = €1599 (Loyal Student = €1439.10 - Saving €159.90)
  • Apply Before 31 Jan 2020 = €1649 (Loyal Student = €1484.10 - Saving €164.90)
  • Apply Before 29 Feb 2020 = €1699 (Loyal Student = €1529.10 - Saving €169.90)
  • Apply Before 31 Mar 2020 = €1749 (Loyal Student = €1574.10 - Saving €174.90)
  • Apply Before 30 Apr 2020 = €1799 (Loyal Student = €1619.10 - Saving €179.90)
  • Apply Before 31 May 2020 = €1849 (Loyal Student = €1664.10 - Saving €184.90)
  • Apply Before 26 Jun 2020 = €1899 (Loyal Student = €1709.10 - Saving €189.90)

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Anderson & Brenda Testimonials

Never been to any of Anderson & Brenda’s workshop or ZoukDancecamp? Here are testimonials from dancers who previously attended our first 7 days programme in July 2019 of “Retrace Your Dance Journey”! This will give you a little taste of how others felt and experienced our unique format and technicality dance programme!

"Wauw is simply the best word to express my experience with Brenda and Anderson as teachers and Hoi and Domi as organisers. B&A’s teaching was so different from all the other teachers I have learned from. I was blown away of the simplicity and it was amazing how my dance changed during the week. “Figures” and movements that I always have learned with a frame and having tension suddenly became much easier when relaxing (a big part of B&A’ s teaching). Also, I enjoyed the air, water, earth concept which brought a totally new dimension to musicality. Finally, I was amazed by their explanation of how to use the hips - again very simple but so different from all other teachers.

Hoi and Domi know how to create a very inviting atmosphere and they were very open to new suggestions. The food was good and they were aware of the importance of the floor which means a lot to me. It is not the last time I will go to one of their events."
Nina Jørgensen
Aarhus, Denmark
"I remember the first time we talked about this with you Hoi. I got to meet you for the second time in Berlin. We were having dinner before we go to the Zouk Party that night and having a nice conversation. Like always at some point I started my endless talk about how much I admire Brenda... And after me going on and on for some time you finally revealed your plans about the Zouk Dance Camp with Anderson & Brenda.

I remember you telling me it is one whole week, 30 hours of training and with only 15 couples. I had started jumping on my seat already at that moment.

It is unbelievable how fast the time went and that it is already over... I need to thank you Hoi and Domi for the millionth time because you created an amazing event! A beautiful location, amazing rooms for the workshops and the parties and amazing food! This was the first time I joined one of your events and now, I know that anything you guys organize will be just fantastic!!

It was an intense week full of learning. Every day we had another topic to focus on starting from feet and going up until the head. We had to work really hard, training 5 hours a day with A&B and then continuing to dance and practice at the night at the social for 6 consecutive days!! That is crazy... They kept challenging us to the limits and made us aware of how precise their technique is.

It was a lot of walking and trying to figure out how the skeleton works. A lot of work on the hips to remember what was Zouk all about before. A lot of work on the leading and following; focusing on the contact point, the pressure and the concept of receiving. A lot of breathing to use the space between the joints instead of tension and muscle power. Lots of focus on the flow of the dance and the energy to dance as creamy. And last but not least; letting the dance be created in us by the music.

Such an eye-opening week... We had so many different exercises to work on all these topics one by one. They were so passionate about sharing all of their secrets and how they built their technique. We got one on one feedback and had the opportunity to train directly with them when we just didn't get it.

We had such an amazing group sharing the same goal and the same excitement about studying this beautiful and also hard technique. We helped each other for hours to release the hips and remember how to walk again. We didn't just study together; we ate together, drank together, joked together, danced together, sang together, enjoyed the jacuzzi together... My little ZDC Family, I already miss you all so much!!

I cannot imagine a better atmosphere to learn. We are extremely motivated to create a Brenderson army in Europe with the help of Hoi, Domi and the lovely Anderson & Brenda.

See you guys in the next one!!"

*** Neslişah fell in love with our vision in changing the world and lives through Brazilian Zouk dance that after joining our dance camp, she became a member of Domi&Hoi Team! ***
Neslişah Koç
Istanbul, Turkey
"I don't want to miss out on a zouk dance camp ever again! 😊 This week was life-changing for me and perfectly organised by Domi and Hoi. (Like every event of them is) They took very good care of us, the hotel was great, the food was good and there were plenty of vegetarian options.

The floor inside the hotel was perfect (with aircon) and for one outside night, they even built up their own dance floor!

Altogether it was an amazing week with the best people in a group, you could hope for. We bonded quickly and became friends ❤️ so much laughter, shared stories and funny evenings!

The Anderson and Brenda week was simply incredible. I've learned so much and changed my way of dancing from the first day on. What we did, was not only for dancing but very much for ourselves. We learned how to relax and let go of the tension in our body and mind. We focused on different topics every day and put them all together in the end. This was so much more than just a dance class! I love the way how A&B teach and gave their best, to make our mind and our body understand.

I swear, I was never as relaxed in my entire life as during this week and I wanted to stay there forever. I came back home, absolutely relaxed and with a very happy mind 😊

I can't wait for the next one! ❤️"

*** Nadine fell in love with our vision in changing the world and lives through Brazilian Zouk dance that after joining our dance camp, she became a member of Domi&Hoi Team! ***
Nadine Scheid
"Hoi and Domi were excellent in organizing everything and making sure they were catering to the needs of the participants. I will seek out events organized by these two in the future."
Frederik Spangsberg Ahlers
Aalborg, Denmark

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