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13-18 May 2020 ~ Anderson & Brenda + ‘In the Dark’ Zouk Retreat

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Russia’s Zouk Non-Stop (ZNS) and Europe’s ZoukDanceCamp (ZDC) team are combining forces to create an incredible Zouk training retreat for passionate learners!

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Anderson & Brenda and a unique blindfolded workshop ‘In the Dark’ is waiting for you!

We plan to have 20 hours of workshops, 12 hours of additional practice time, and social parties.

This will be a 100% INVITE-ONLY event, with limited spots up to a maximum of 30 dancers only;
– 12 Russian dancers spot!
– 6 Belarus dancers spot!
– 12 international dancers spot!
– (Spots above may slightly change depending on demand)
– All participants are expected to be experienced dancers, with no exceptions! We have very strict quality control in place prior to the spot offer. We do apologize in advance, there will be no space for egos because it is the condition of training with other amazing dancers.

Be part of this wonderful opportunity to train and develop with some of the world’s most passionate dancers!

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In the Dark – by Alex & Ksenia (Russia)

In the Dark, a unique blindfolded workshop that lasts from a few hours till few days. Participants wear special masks and see nothing 😉

It’s a combination of different exercises that helps you to (a) lead and follow easily, (b) feel better and figure out what’s comfortable for your partner and what’s not, (c) relax and release your emotions and go into connection.

In the Dark has made it already for 5 years in different cities and we have a lot of themes. During this retreat, we will focus on the technical and emotional sides of connection in a couple.

We will be combining this with Anderson & Brenda methodology so you will learn to utilise a powerful toolset for Brazilian Zouk. Get ready for 4 days 5 nights retreat in Belarus!

To be confirmed whether to make this all-inclusive with accommodation, meals, and non-alcoholic drinks. This is to be confirmed depending on the exact venue location in Belarus. The idea is to keep the cost down and make it affordable for most.

Get the opportunity of an invite by signing up your interest by filling in your details below!

// Q & A

Q: Why hosting in Belarus and not in Russia?!
A: Belarus is Visa-free for both EU and Russian citizens. Therefore makes an ideal location to host international events that will help you keep costs down and planning your travel much easier. Please check because there may be stipulations on how the visa-free works. ie. must be via a flight at Minsk airport and not crossing the borders by car.

Q: What language will this be taught in?
A: English. To get the most out of this retreat, we expect competent English listening skills for maximum benefit.


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