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What to Expect?

We pride ourselves as event pioneers who hosts & delivers first-class Brazilian ZoukDanceCamp programmes in Poland! Each ZoukDanceCamp is a mini-roadmap to achieving your GOALS!

Strict Level Control!

Strict Level Control!

We review each application manually to see if applicants meet the minimal pre-requisites as required per ZoukDanceCamp!

Couples or Single Sign Up!

Couples or Single Sign Up!

We recommend signing up with someone you’ll be happy working together with during the entire ZoukDanceCamp! No rotations!

Maximum of 16 Couples!

Maximum of 16 Couples!

A small learning group will make sure teachers give plenty of time, equal attention and assistance to every student!

5 Days or Longer!

5 Days or Longer!

These durations will make the travel distance worthy. Each ZoukDanceCamp is set in a beautiful location in Poland!

World Class Teachers

Who is This Perfect For?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dance teacher, we offer a range of ZoukDanceCamps for dancers who are at different stages of their dance journeys! Here are some great reasons to join us!

(1) Time… the most precious thing for some of us, once you used it, it’s gone. With busy careers & businesses, family commitments & responsibilities, not all of us are able to continuously attend regular classes without sacrifices. Our programmes are designed to propel those who are time-limited and have a passion for learning Brazilian Zouk. Of course, it is also effective for those who have regular classes 🙂

(2) Developing your dance will enhance your life experience beyond unimaginable ways. We know because we have journeyed this ourselves and it has positively changed our lives forever!

(3) Great social dancers aren’t someone who can dance amazingly with only advanced dancers. They are dancers who can dance comfortably with everyone (Beginners to Professionals)!

(4) We’ve engineered these ZoukDanceCamps to be effective small-sized workshops to help you nurture & discover breakthrough’s in your dances!

(5) We have a strict student level control and teaching quality control. This is perfect for keen learners who are looking for the right environment to rapidly grow!

Key focus is on learning quality?!


Busy Entrepreneurs, Professionals & Directors?!


Keen to unlock your full potential?!


Struggling to improve and breakthrough?!


Don't have time for regular classes?!


Love self-development and excelling?!


Why Poland?

It’s a large beautiful country in Europe with much to explore and also where Domi is from! But there are many more reasons why ZoukDanceCamps are held here in Poland!

Poland is a major hub for visiting & dancing Brazilian Zouk. Domi & Hoi will be selecting many (hidden gem) locations around Poland to host each ZoukDanceCamps so you too can enjoy a different journey and experience!

Two of the biggest advantages of hosting in Poland is first, the cheaper flights available from many major European cities making traveling more affordable. Secondly, Poland is one of the most affordable countries in the European Union. This is why we are able to host high-quality ZoukDanceCamps at such affordable prices!



I attended 5 days Zouk Dance Camp with Ludek and Monika organised by Hoi and Domi in Feb 2019. Ludek and Monika’s commitment to excellence was be seen throughout the boot camp starting with quality and professionalism. They focused on building confidence, encouraging movement, and nurturing a love of dance with the attention to detail, focus, and discipline.

I really enjoyed the Ludek and Monika boot camp. I got a lot of useful personal feedback and experienced a very comfortable learning environment. Hoi and Domi were very attentive and helpful. I will definitely attend more of their events!

Beautiful place, lovely crowd, and amazing teachers: Domi and Hoi did a wonderful job in creating a space to really dive into technique and work, each at their own pace, while also having time to take a break and relax! Can‘t wait to see u all again in June (with Brenda and Anderson)

I was at the first dance camp and the sittings and surroundings were really nice. They took good care of everybody and made sure everyone was happy. At the start the food wasn’t enough at lunch, but they did all they could to make it up again to get make sure we got enough. The dance was a really nice setup and really good instructors. I can highly recommend these types of event and the coordinators will make sure all have a good experience.

Been to Domi&Hoi’s project, who was absolutely incredible. A beautiful location, delicious food, good people and good vibes. Everyone involved in producing this amazing project really gives their heart and soul into it, and it’s clearly seen. I will definitely go to their events again, and I’d recommend that to everyone. Until next time! 😁

We had such an amazing group sharing the same goal and the same excitement about studying this beautiful and also hard technique. We helped each other for hours to release the hips and remember how to walk again. We didn’t just study together; we ate together, drank together, joked together, danced together, sang together, enjoyed the jacuzzi together… My little ZDC Family, I already miss you all so much!! I cannot imagine a better atmosphere to learn. We are extremely motivated to create a Brenderson army in Europe with the help of Hoi, Domi and the lovely Anderson & Brenda. See you guys in the next one!!

Hoi and Domi were excellent in organizing everything and making sure they were catering to the needs of the participants. I will seek out events organized by these two in the future.

Wauw is simply the best word to express my experience with Brenda and Anderson as teachers and Hoi and Domi as organisers. B&A’s teaching was so different from all the other teachers I have learned from. I was blown away of the simplicity and it was amazing how my dance changed during the week. “Figures” and movements that I always have learned with a frame and having tension suddenly became much easier when relaxing (a big part of B&A’ s teaching). Also, I enjoyed the air, water, earth concept which brought a totally new dimension to musicality. Finally, I was amazed by their explanation of how to use the hips – again very simple but so different from all other teachers.

The Anderson and Brenda week was simply incredible. I’ve learned so much and changed my way of dancing from the first day on. What we did, was not only for dancing but very much for ourselves. We learned how to relax and let go of the tension in our body and mind. We focused on different topics every day and put them all together in the end. This was so much more than just a dance class! I love the way how A&B teach and gave their best, to make our mind and our body understand. I swear, I was never as relaxed in my entire life as during this week and I wanted to stay there forever. I came back home, absolutely relaxed and with a very happy mind, 😊 I can’t wait for the next one! ❤️

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