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12-19 June 2019 ~ Anderson & Brenda

Retrace Your Dance Journey (FINISHED)


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Important Pages To Read

We highly recommend reading the Home page and FAQ page because it will answer most of your questions and also explains our unique learning concept in full details.

Additional Private Classes

Anderson & Brenda are happy to offer some additional  private class during the week-long ZoukDanceCamp. This is perfect for anyone wanting to strengthen any particular areas during this ZoukDanceCamp. There are very limited slots available, so make a swift decision!

Programme Description

This is not going to be like any other Anderson & Brenda workshops or immersion courses you have ever been! With a one-long week to deep dive into dance technicalities, tools & methodologies, connections & energies. Uncover the full story of how Anderson & Brenda formed their dance foundation and experience the journey they took to become the dancers they are now.

For clarity, this is not about their connection philosophy only. You will spend a lot of time developing & honing your dance skills with the help of Anderson & Brenda, and how to apply this layer-upon-layer of techniques to create a dance that belongs to you.

We will retrace & refine the pre-requisites listed on this page and the use of these building blocks that sculpts your dance. Anderson & Brenda will share with you their techniques which they apply to these Brazilian Zouk movements. Prepare your body, mind & soul as Anderson & Brenda dissect the layers of each dance fundamental building block to reveal the technicality knowhow that connects with their soul to create breathtaking dances.

This ZoukDanceCamp is best for proficient dancers who have a good technical understanding and competence of the fundamentals of Brazilian Zouk. You need to be serious in taking your dance to a whole new level in every aspect. Only 30 people (15 couples) will participate in this rare custom-made programme built to our unique learning environment.

To qualify for this ZoukDanceCamp, you must meet ALL of the pre-requisites. There may be some exceptions, please see our FAQ 🔗What if I don’t meet all the pre-requisites but still want to join?.

Get ready to unlock your full potential!


  • Base Frontal
  • Base Side-to-Side
  • Viradinha -> 90 degrees and 180 degrees
  • Simple Turn
  • Elástico "Raul"
  • Lateral
  • Soltinho (Turn of the guy, turn of the girl)
  • Bônus
  • Bônus Invertido (Reverse)
  • Abertura (Opening)
  • Open to the lunge
  • Yo Yo
  • Chicote
  • Boneca
  • Snake
  • Ondinha ou Cobrinha (Body Roll)
  • Movimento de Cabeça (Head movements)

Not sure what some of these movements are? Google or google translate! Many times you know these movements but just don’t remember the actual name(s) 🙃

12 - 19 June 2019

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Introducing Anderson & Brenda

Anderson & Brenda… Do they even need an introduction? One of the world’s top international Brazilian Zouk artists from São Paulo, Brazil. Many of us watch in awe how these two wonderful people can be so connected by body, mind & soul through the flow of music. Behind their beautiful movements & expressions lies layer-upon-layer of dance technicality that allows their deep connection philosophy to flow like blood through the body. Be part of this rare opportunity as Anderson & Brenda unveils the secrets behind their dance.

Anderson & Brenda’s vision for this ZoukDanceCamp

After teaching for over 7 years in and out of Brazil, we saw that there are very big differences in how people use the ground… We understand there are cultural aspects that influence this and our proposal is to bring more consciousness to this into the technical aspects of dancing… An example is we understand the more light we feel, the more we use the ground, so this is something we’re really excited about and is the first aspect we’d love to share with you.

Before diving deep into emotional and spiritual aspects of connection, we were big “nerds” of measuring and equalizing pressure points of the contact in couple dance, since we worked with Samba De Gafieira. The second technical aspect we’d be sharing is how to bring this contact information to your legs… This made such a huge difference in how we feel together which is one of the secrets to keep the “spiritual” or “present state of mind” when we are dancing traditional steps…

The third technical aspect we’d be sharing is the understanding of energy that movement generates, and how to open ourselves to listen to our own body and our partner… At our most current journey of our lives, dance became a tool of self-knowledge and we are very excited to bring this to you because it was the latest life-changing lesson we’ve learned during our studies in the past 3 years.

Lastly, we’re going to integrate these technicality and mindfulness tools to create a dance that speaks through your soul… Well, this is our goal, and our dream, so, we hope to see you in Poland for this unique programme we’ve put together with Domi & Hoi! Again, we’re so excited to be part of your dance journey!!!

Are you ready to retrace your dance journey?

Hotel, Venue & Address

The Most Comfortable Learning Environment!

Full-Board Includes:
✔️ 30 Hours of Workshop & Teacher Assisted Practice.
✔️ 7 Nights of Shared Accommodation at ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ParkHotel Łysoń.
✔️ Breakfast, Dinner & Supper Meals.
✔️ Unlimited Water.
✔️ Great Dance Floor!
✔️ Spa & Wellbeing Facilities.
✔️ First-class customers care from our ZDC team!

Optional Extras (Pay at Hotel):
➕ Massages.

Hotel/Venue Address:
📍 🔗Hotel Łysoń, Wadowicka street 169a, 34-120 Andrychów, Poland

Nearest Airport:
✈️ Krakow Airport, 50 min by car, 49.1 km

How To Get There:
🗺️ 🔗Travel/Transport Guide

Workshop Topics

Along with workshops & teacher assisted practice, there are also non-assisted practice / free-time. Please see ‘Daily Schedule’ in the next section for the full timetable.
(Click the days or arrows to expand)

  • No workshop. Check-in, and welcome party!
Moves, Posture and Rhythm
Morning (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • Presentation of our philosophy and getting to know each other’s bodies and learning process.
  • Running through open embrace moves and rhythm.
Afternoon (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • Running through close embrace moves.
  • Posture, comfort and body awareness.
Grounding and Lead & Follow
Morning (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • Nature elements in body awareness for grounding.
  • Hips movements and pleasure with traveling.
  • Awareness of stepping together.
Afternoon (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • Touch and tone.
  • Speaking the same language on lead and follow.
  • Walking together by our center.
  • Moving the body energy up and down from your center.
Morning (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • One of the things that are very important for us is the awareness of the energy that is created by the movement and how that helps us to be more fluid in our dance… Let’s understand better how to make the movement flow inside of our own body and how to create a dance from this flow, either to relax or to energize.
Musicality and Expression
Afternoon (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • One of the things people see a lot of us is the expression with our face from what we feel in our dance. This class is about understanding how to feel the atmosphere the music can provide, to bring out and experiment with different qualities.
The Self-Knowledge Dance
Morning (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • Preparing the mind and body to connect.
  • Practicing the presence, sensitivity, trust, and vulnerability.
  • The tools we use to be more at the moment.
Afternoon (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • How to use the movements to find yourself and feel the flow of your body.
  • The dance of giving and receiving to yourself and to your partner.
Building Your Dance
Morning (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • Building your Zouk from the self-knowledge way of dancing for close embrace: Perception and meaning of dance.
  • Let’s come back to the traditional movements applying the new techniques and following the flow that you will create with your learning process.
Afternoon (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • How to build the dance on the open embrace.
  • Let’s come back to the traditional movements applying the new techniques and following the flow that you will create with your learning process.
Bonus or Open Topic

Depending on how the week goes and the students’ progression, the teacher may open up bonus topics or revisit areas where the teachers or students feel needs extra attention.

Morning (1.5 hours workshop + 1.0 hour assisted practice)
  • Bonus or Open Topic.
Afternoon (1.0 hours workshop + 1.5 hours private Couple tips)
  • Bonus or Open Topic.
  • As the finale, each couple will receive some pointers to take away and focus on which would help them MOST improve at the current stage of their dance journey.

No workshop. Breakfast, check-out, and goodbyes!

Daily Schedule

(Click the days or arrows to expand)

  • 15:00 Hotel Room Check-in Opens
  • 15:00 – 19:00 Free Time
  • 19:00 – 21:00 Welcome Dinner & Drinks!
  • 21:00 – 00:00 Social Party
  • 08:00 – 11:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 – 12:00 Private Classes
  • 10:00 – 12:00 Non-assisted Practice / Free-Time
  • 12:00 – 13:30 Workshop
  • 13:30 – 14:30 Teacher Assisted Practice
  • 14:30 – 16:00 Lunch
  • 16:00 – 17:30 Workshop
  • 17:30 – 18:30 Teacher Assisted Practice
  • 19:00 – 20:30 Dinner
  • 21:00 – 00:00 Social Party
  • 08:00 – 12:00 Breakfast
  • 12:00+ Check-out, and goodbyes!

Price & Flexi Payment Plans

🛒 We’re offering some flexible payment options to help you. If you receive a spot offer, please ensure payments are made on time because you will lose the payment option if payments are not received within their valid date periods.

  • (Option 1) €1159 euro - Single Full Payment - Valid between March to 12 June 2019.
  • (Option 2) €1179 euro - 2-Part Payment - €589.50 / €589.50 (50% / 50%) - Valid between March to 12 May 2019. Payment option unavailable after this date.
  • (Option 3a) €1199 euro - 3-Part Payment - €239.80 / €479.60 / €479.60 (20% / 40% / 40%) - Valid between March to 12 April 2019. Payment option unavailable after this date.
  • (Option 3b) €1199 euro - 3-Part Payment - €359.70 / €359.70 / €479.60 (30% / 30% / 40%) - Valid between March to 12 April 2019. Payment option unavailable after this date.
  • (Option 3c) €1199 euro - 3-Part Payment - €479.60 / €359.70 / €359.70 (40% / 30% / 30%) - Valid between March to 12 April 2019. Payment option unavailable after this date.
  • (Option 4) €1239 euro - 4-Part Payment - €247.80 / €371.70 / €371.70 / €247.80 (20% / 30% / 30% / 20%) - Valid between March to 12 April 2019. Payment option unavailable after this date.

Value Summary

Price Per Person From
Max No. of Couples
Number of Days
Total Workshop Hours
Deposit Per Person From

Unbeatable Value!

Near benefits of taking private classes at a fraction of the cost and this all includes full-board!

Value (Cost/Day)
Value (Cost/W.Hours)

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Anderson & Brenda Testimonials

Never been to any of Anderson & Brenda’s workshop? Here are testimonials from dancers who previously attended their workshops or immersion courses! This will give you a little taste of how others felt, but please note, you will feel a different experience at this ZoukDanceCamp because of its unique format and technicality requirements!

Testimonial 1

“If there is any definition for heaven, that’s what I felt! This phrase is the one that comes closest to trying to express what I felt on that day. And I do not say, I was so happy that it was like heaven. I say that I really felt heaven through my senses. Heaven is in all of us all the time. We were presented with all these feelings to feel, they are there, you just have to let yourself be. Yes, that common sense of when you feel something so wonderful that you wish that everyone could go through the experience and feel what you felt. Incredible!!! I love you Anderson and Brenda! Thank you for doing this for humanity!”

Christiane Busato, 32 years old, Entrepreneur

Testimonial 2

“You can tell by the wide smile, and eyes closed how much I’m given to my partner in this dialogue, I do not seem worried at all. Because I’m not. Because there I found so many beautiful leaders, careful and open to the beautiful dialogue that each dance brings. After so long time dancing, today I perceived that my dance is not only movements, but it is what I feel when I dance. And then I can spin, swing my hair, spin on the counterweights. Today I think how much suffering would have been spared if I had experiences like that. Anderson and Brenda are serious teachers, who are studying deeply the dance and the endless possibilities that it can bring to people. Thank you very much!”

Iane Santos, 42 years old, Physical Educator and Philosopher

Testimonial 3

“In partner dance, I look for an opportunity for relaxation, happiness, exchange of experiences and an environment where the soul remains light and full. I’ve done 2 immersions … with a lot of reflection, self-knowledge, energy exchange, love and nutella… I would do another thousand. I hope someday everybody allow yourself to experience all of that too. Every human being deserves to feel the way I felt with this experience.”

Ana Carolina Ribeiro, 30 years old, Engineer

Testimonial 4

“I have no words to describe everything I’m feeling today. I gave a good day to everyone, I hugged people I missed and I felt like I was a person, it was like seeing a new door and I went into it and I had a wonderful day. I am loving more, I am smiling, I am a child again and a more responsible adult than I have ever been and I feel that one day is not just a simpler day, it is a wonderful opportunity! Thank you for that seed you planted on me. Thank you for making this dance fire come
back to shine, to warm me up again. Thank you for giving all of yourselves and thank you for receiving all of us.”

Gabriel Bucalon Brachi, 19 years old, Student

Testimonial 5

“I’m a ballet dancer. I’m 41 and I’ve danced since I was 4. This was the experience that made communion with what I believe, with the essence of dance… Well worked out, self-
knowledge and movement. I’m a psychologist too. I work for 20 years. I know how to look and recognize the spaces, respect for the other, for yourself, and this was broadcast over the weekend. It was an incredible weekend. I love dance and respect as vital energy in me. This immersion gave me what many can not do in dance and that’s okay, which is to feel and let it flow. A kindly respect for the other. I feel I received a gift from how much these teachers are attentive, competent, respectful and passionate for what they do. A true gift.”

Adriana Coscia, 41 years old, Bailarina and Psychologist

Testimonial 6

“I can say that it was the best thing that happened to me in 2018. I experienced wonderful moments of discovery an inner sensitivity that I did not know about myself. Anyway, I can not wait to do other immersions again, because I’m the only one who knows how “life-changing” it was for me. I feel very grateful that I had this opportunity together with my husband. PS: I am 66 years old, my husband 67 years old, we are Brenda’s parents, we still indicate to all the parents of the dance world to participate in these events so healthy for body, mind and spirit.”

Luzanira Carvalho, 66 years old, Entrepreneur, and Brenda’s Mother

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I attended 5 days Zouk Dance Camp with Ludek and Monika organised by Hoi and Domi in Feb 2019. Ludek and Monika’s commitment to excellence was be seen throughout the boot camp starting with quality and professionalism. They focused on building confidence, encouraging movement, and nurturing a love of dance with the attention to detail, focus, and discipline.

I really enjoyed the Ludek and Monika boot camp. I got a lot of useful personal feedback and experienced a very comfortable learning environment. Hoi and Domi were very attentive and helpful. I will definitely attend more of their events!

Beautiful place, lovely crowd, and amazing teachers: Domi and Hoi did a wonderful job in creating a space to really dive into technique and work, each at their own pace, while also having time to take a break and relax! Can‘t wait to see u all again in June (with Brenda and Anderson)

I was at the first dance camp and the sittings and surroundings were really nice. They took good care of everybody and made sure everyone was happy. At the start the food wasn’t enough at lunch, but they did all they could to make it up again to get make sure we got enough. The dance was a really nice setup and really good instructors. I can highly recommend these types of event and the coordinators will make sure all have a good experience.

Been to Domi&Hoi’s project, who was absolutely incredible. A beautiful location, delicious food, good people and good vibes. Everyone involved in producing this amazing project really gives their heart and soul into it, and it’s clearly seen. I will definitely go to their events again, and I’d recommend that to everyone. Until next time! 😁

We had such an amazing group sharing the same goal and the same excitement about studying this beautiful and also hard technique. We helped each other for hours to release the hips and remember how to walk again. We didn’t just study together; we ate together, drank together, joked together, danced together, sang together, enjoyed the jacuzzi together… My little ZDC Family, I already miss you all so much!! I cannot imagine a better atmosphere to learn. We are extremely motivated to create a Brenderson army in Europe with the help of Hoi, Domi and the lovely Anderson & Brenda. See you guys in the next one!!

Hoi and Domi were excellent in organizing everything and making sure they were catering to the needs of the participants. I will seek out events organized by these two in the future.

Wauw is simply the best word to express my experience with Brenda and Anderson as teachers and Hoi and Domi as organisers. B&A’s teaching was so different from all the other teachers I have learned from. I was blown away of the simplicity and it was amazing how my dance changed during the week. “Figures” and movements that I always have learned with a frame and having tension suddenly became much easier when relaxing (a big part of B&A’ s teaching). Also, I enjoyed the air, water, earth concept which brought a totally new dimension to musicality. Finally, I was amazed by their explanation of how to use the hips – again very simple but so different from all other teachers.

The Anderson and Brenda week was simply incredible. I’ve learned so much and changed my way of dancing from the first day on. What we did, was not only for dancing but very much for ourselves. We learned how to relax and let go of the tension in our body and mind. We focused on different topics every day and put them all together in the end. This was so much more than just a dance class! I love the way how A&B teach and gave their best, to make our mind and our body understand. I swear, I was never as relaxed in my entire life as during this week and I wanted to stay there forever. I came back home, absolutely relaxed and with a very happy mind, 😊 I can’t wait for the next one! ❤️

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