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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an intensive Bootcamp?

No-no-no! Our concept is NOT about being intensive and cramming as much information and details as possible into your mind & body! Far from this actually and why our new learning concept is truly unique! It’ll be fun, comfortable and we’ll be working at a steady pace within limits WITHOUT burning you out otherwise it’ll become very counter-productive!

We carefully select top international Teachers to work with by having spent years observing & assessing each teachers’ teaching methodologies and how receptive to students at different stages of their dance developments. As a result, we have a good understanding of a beneficial roadmap!

In our experience, some teacher’s teaching methods will accelerate your development, while some will slow you down or even stunt your growth when not learned at the right stages.

Nearly a decade of observation, we’ve noticed many students take away lots of information at other Bootcamps/Congresses/Festivals, but never spends an adequate amount of practice time in a controlled environment to seriously develop this knowledge & technique into their bodies as a natural movement. Hence why it takes much longer to progress than it really should!



You will find the pace of our workshops are generally slower than other workshops you’ve come across or experienced. The key focus for each topic we set out is to build on top of the pre-requisite movements, and the next big question is HOW?!

As you are all experienced dancers already, you understand finding that feeling where the technique feels right is so important and is the key to mastery. Once you have identified that feeling for the very first time, it’s only a matter of being able to replicate that feeling despite all the variables during any dance.

At ZoukDanceCamp, we fixed certain variables; same partners, no rotation during workshops, size of the class, speed/pace of the workshop, similar dancers’ level/stage, all very passionate & similar mindset in learning, the best teachers we felt to teach these topics, and more!

This helps controls our learning environment in such a way that it highly increases the chance of finding that right technique feeling during your stay here with us, as we progress through each topic. You will spend plenty of time EXPLORING the dynamics for each new technique and understand how the subtle changes affect or impact each movement (positively or negatively) & your partner, while still trying to find or maintain that right technique feeling!

In summary, our ultimate goal while you here staying with us is to help students (you);

  1. Find each new technique feeling first,
  2. Become capable of replicating it with your selected partner,
  3. Lastly, a kick-start to develop permanently into your body/mind/soul as a natural movement!

Now, this is a great 3-step starter because your future goal would be to take what you have developed with us and continue building further experience out in the Dance World. You do this by continuing to find ways to replicate that same feeling for each technique with any dancers you dance with! It’s a pretty neat learning system/environment we’ve engineered for you, isn’t it? 🙂

Why is ZoukDanceCamp priced more compared to other Dance Festivals?

Firstly, it’s best to read the content on our Homepage if you haven’t because it covers how our ZoukDanceCamps are packaged. Our price covers major costs consisting of professional fees for top international artists/teachers, flights, hospitality, venue rental, equipment, staff, event insurance, marketing, and many other compounding costs.

One major price factor is the capped limit on available spots. There is a maximum of 32 spots (16 couples) – this number includes our team members who are there to run and support the ZoukDanceCamp, which means the costs are spread across a much smaller number of people. Our key focus is on learning quality.

ZoukDanceCamp is a controlled learning environment which means we plan the details of every aspect including your wellbeing during your stay with us. By removing any key elements would reduce the effectiveness of the whole ZoukDanceCamp experience.

ZoukDanceCamp versus other Dance Festivals are two completely different types of events and can not be compared because they offer different purposes & values. The price you pay for with us is exponential to what you get back in terms of dance education and it’s something we’re very proud to be able to offer.

We do understand our ZoukDanceCamps isn’t going to meet everyone’s budget or perceived value because everyone seeks different types of value.

For clarity, the value we offer is in building & engineering accelerated learning experiences for those who want to invest in greater learning and personal dance development.

To reach your dancing goals the quickest way are never shortcuts, but with the right guidance, we can help you navigate past all the obstacles and challenges. The last thing you want is wasting time and being counter-productive by having to unlearn bad habits and restarting again. This is one of the most common problems in today’s learning and ZoukDanceCamp was formed to tackle these problems.

We’re very proud of our quality and the attention to detail in all our ZoukDanceCamps and will never lower the costs which would compromise its first-class service delivery.

Do you offer spots without accommodation?

I’m afraid not and there are no future plans for it either. Our dance camp will always be packaged together as all-inclusive with accommodation and meals.

Is taking lots of privates better than dance camps?

Private classes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Private classes offer a very customised services from teachers and they can target the areas which you need in order to break through and level up. The disadvantage of private classes is the cost and to cover an entire spectrum of topics or a fully structured programme will be very very costly.

The advantages of our dance camps are it’s a hybrid approach, taking most of the advantages (not all) of private classes such as implementing teacher assisted practice hours, the cost savings of a group class and a fully structured programme. Overall, our dance camps offer really amazing value. It’s also much more fun because it creates a family-like atmosphere and relationships with your fellow student group! There are also some workshops and exercises that work better as a group!

We would advise that you should utilise both private classes and our dance camp to get the best edge and growth rate. Our teachers offer additional private classes during the dance camp, so please make sure you sign up for them because the limited slots can go very quickly. Details of private classes are posted on each event page. And most importantly, don’t forget lots of practice hours! 🙂

You can read more about comparing different types of workshops and classes which Hoi wrote in his blogs:

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A Guide to Different Types of Zouk Classes – Part 4

What language are the workshops taught in?

All workshops will be taught in English. It’s the international language we expect our teacher(s) to be competent and comfortable with.

What is a typical day format at ZoukDanceCamp?

A typical day with us would be like:

07:00 – 10:00 Breakfast (3 hours)
10:00 – 11:00 Non-assisted Practice / Free-Time (1 hour)
11:00 – 12:00 Workshop (1 hour)
12:00 – 13:30 Teacher Assisted Practice (1.5 hours)
13:30 – 16:00 Lunch (2.5 hours)
15:00 – 16:00 Non-assisted Practice / Free-Time / Nap (1 hour)
16:00 – 17:00 Workshop (1 hour)
17:00 – 18:30 Teacher Assisted Practice (1.5 hours)
19:00 – 21:00 Dinner (2 hours)
21:00 – 22:00 Free-Time (1 hour)
22:00 – 02:00 Social Party (4 hours)

[Times TBC] Additional Private Classes (Optional Extra)

* Each day may vary slightly, but this is our typical daily schedule. We may have a special day which is a completely different format.

What is Teacher Assisted Practice?

Teacher Assisted Practice is the additional time allocated for our teachers to spend time with each student and work on the topic that is being taught. This is part of our unique concept and a hybrid approach that we created based on our vast international learning experience. We are the very first in the World to create and implement this into a fully structured programme. Other dance camps and boot camps are now following suit and adopting our unique concept because of it’s learning effectiveness.

Why do our social parties finish so early?

The focus of our ZoukDanceCamps is learning & self-development. Yes, there will be at least 4-hours of a social party every night and you may feel this is not enough! As mentioned in the FAQ question above, we consider your wellbeing as a priority to maximize your learning & development. We want you to rest and be fresh for the workshops and practices because resting is also part of your training!

To give you some context of how sleep works:

Different yet equally important restorative work happens during deep sleep (stage 3) and REM sleep (stage 4).

Deep sleep is crucial for physical renewal, hormonal regulation, and growth…

In REM sleep — stage 4 in the sleep cycle — the brain processes and synthesizes memories and emotions, activity that is crucial for learning and higher-level thought. A lack of REM sleep results in slower cognitive and social processing, problems with memory, and difficulty concentrating. The same 2008 sleep poll found that people who sleep less than 6 hours per night during the workweek are twice as likely as their better-rested colleagues to report difficulty in concentrating.

There will be longer lunch breaks so you can relax and take a power nap if you must!

“Power naps are real and help you feel refreshed”, says Dr. O’Brien.

Source: Harvard Business Review – https://hbr.org/2009/01/why-sleep-is-so-important.html

This is also one of the main reasons why we select comfortable hotels with better beds & mattresses because there is a difference. With the right mattresses you can get optimal rest, while with the wrong mattresses, it may cause interrupted REM cycles from discomfort and making you feel restless and lack of focus during the day.

Why do we highly recommend registering as a couple and have no rotations during workshops?

We wanted you to be in control and be happy selecting your own partner to work with together.

This gives you the chance to know your partner because it’s all part of building trust & teamwork by supporting each other’s growth & development during your stay with us!

Our rationale is also based on our answers in the last question “Is this an intensive Bootcamp?”, so we’ve fixed this variable to help control the learning environment for maximal benefit.

Based on past experience and our previous ZoukDanceCamps, those who signed up with partners showed incredible results of the biggest improvements. This is because they are able to practice with a body they are already familiar with and are comfortable giving each other sincere feedback. Another advantage is your fixed partner is someone who you are likely able to practice with after the ZoukDanceCamps for further development.

Please note, we do limit the number of single spots and can give priority to applications with partners.

What if I can’t find a partner to sign up with?

We will always recommend and ask you to try and find a partner, however, if you are struggling, then there is an option for single registration where all the single participants will rotate equally with other single participants. For clarity, you will not be rotating with those signed up with partners.

Please note, we do limit the number of single spots and can give priority to applications with partners.

How does rotation work for single participants?

If you are a single participant, you can not suddenly decide to permanently partner up with one of the other single participants during the ZoukDanceCamp. You can, however, partner up before the ZoukDanceCamp starts by notifying us of the change.

All single participants are expected to rotate every 10-20mins during workshops. The teachers will call out when to rotate. Single participants will be expected to rotate fairly to all the single participants and are not allowed to skip anyone. Some of ZDC team members will be part of the rotation to assist.

This strict policy is to ensure fairness for all single participants. As a single participant, you may find someone you want to partner up with for future ZoukDanceCamps, so this is a good way to help find and match synergy.

If we signed up with fixed partners, no rotations during the workshop. Can we still switch partners with our friends or with other partners if we want to?

Yes, you can switch partners with their consent, but only before or after a workshop. Each workshop is 1.0 or 1.5 hours long.

This flexible option is useful if you decide to sign up with a group of friends who are all working together to level up (or newly made friends while you’re here!).

Can we rotate during teacher assisted & non-assisted practice time?

Yes, if you want to! During teacher assisted & non-assisted practice time, we do ENCOURAGE you to switch partners! There is no obligation to switch, however, many participants after successfully working it through with their own partners like training with other partners.

Is there practice time outside of workshops?

Yes! After every 1.0 or 1.5-hour workshop, there is always a 1.0 or 1.5-hour teacher assisted practice time working on the covered topic.

We highly encourage using the non-assisted practice time and it’s for you to decide how much. Before and after workshops & teacher assisted practice time you will have use of the dance floors, so please feel free to use this space for practice! This is a great time to coordinate practice with other students and also chat with everyone. We would love to hear you sharing ideas, thoughts, and feedback with each other, with the teachers and with us!

What if I don’t meet all the pre-requisites but still want to join?

Spots will always be offered first to those that meet all the pre-requisites. We may offer remaining spots to those who meet at least 80% of pre-requisites (sorry, no less than this). If this is the case, then we don’t expect you to understand all the topics and you can work at your own pace with your registered partner. For pre-requisites you do not know or lacking, we do ask you to be extra mindful not to slow the class down with questions for those particular topics.

Do we have to partner up as female and male couples when signing up?

No, you can sign up as male / female, female / female, male / male. As long as you are partnered as a lead and a follow. We know many dancers who love dancing in both roles!

Most of the best dancers had learned to lead and follow, which is what makes them outstanding because they understand from both points of view! Maybe you should give it a go and learn the other role?  😉

Will privates classes be available?

Yes, we’ll coordinate a spreadsheet between students and the teachers for those interested.

We encourage taking advantage of privates with the teachers, especially if there are pre-requisites which you know are weakest at or didn’t fully meet to help bridge this gap. Please bear in mind that other students may also be using the dance floor during your privates.

How does room sharing works?

All our guests will be in two people per room for a comfortable stay and experience. During registration, we will ask whether you would like your beds to be Twin (2 single beds) or Double (1 large bed). We currently do not have any plans for three or four people per room sharing.

When registering to any of our ZoukDanceCamps, we will ask if you are okay to share with your chosen/random partner or prefer to share with the same-sex (female & female or male & male).

We are very flexible to make this work for you and will not force you into any uncomfortable situations.

Is there an option for a single room (non-sharing)?

We currently do not offer such an option. If this special request is a requirement for you, please contact us and discuss it because each hotel we use has a limited number of rooms available or allocated for our ZoukDanceCamp guests.

Does it include a shuttle or airport transfer to and from the hotel venue?

No, because all participants are traveling from different countries, transportation, and time of day which makes it’s extremely difficult to coordinate pick-up locations that are cost-effective. Therefore we ask all participants to plan their own journey to the hotel venue. Once you’re here, we’ll take care of the rest!

To assist you with traveling, we do create Travel/Transport Guides to and from the nearest airports. Each event page will have a link to the Travel/Transport Guide for its selected hotel venue.

What is the refund policy if I have to cancel?

We offer refunds on and before 8 weeks prior to an event’s start date with a standard charge of €25 + 5% total price per person which will be deducted from the amount to cover for bank fees and administration costs. Please note for non-Euro refunds, the amount you receive back may vary slightly due to exchange rates that are out of our control.

8 weeks up to an event, ticket passes become non-refundable, however, only with our written consent then passes will be transferable to another person’s name. This is to ensure pre-requisites are met.

What if I have a problem during the ZoukDanceCamp?

We make ourselves visible throughout the ZoukDanceCamp. Should you need any assistance, please speak with one of the D&H team members:

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