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About Us

Hoi (left) and Domi (right) - the dancefloor goofballs and wonderful event hosts

Welcome Zoukers! 

Thank you for being part of the global Brazilian Zouk dance community. 

We’d like to introduce ourselves, this is Domi & Hoi, and the Team and we’d like to share our greatest passion with you! Brazilian Zouk dance has been life-changing for us, and we’ve put every thought and love into what we do here. 

Most of you may know us as event organisers, but, that’s just a portion of what we actually spend our time doing in helping build a healthy Brazilian Zouk dance community.

Everything Domi&Hoi Team does help work towards our two main goals:- 

  1. Uniting Brazilian Zouk communities from around the world. #UnityInDiversity 
  2. Making the dance floor a safer space and experience. 

While we have your attention, check out what we do below! Keep reading and join our active Brazilian Zouk dance community! 

Join useful Facebook groups for Brazilian Zouk!

We administrate and built some of the biggest global networks for Brazilian Zouk on Facebook that connects dancers from around the World. Click the links below to visit and join the Facebook groups which you may find useful along your dance journey. 

Zouk Events Discounts

  • Save €€€ money by getting discounts on some of the biggest Brazilian Zouk events in the world! 

Find & Seek Partner for Brazilian Zouk

  • Local practice, dance camps, boot camps, and advance workshops are starting to require a fixed dance partner. Don’t have one? Seek & find a dance partner in this group! 

International Brazilian Zouk Events

  • This is where you’ll find all the latest international events for traveling dancers! 

Zouk Hangout (formerly known as Anything Brazilian Zouk Related)

  • A very active community group, join us and share all your love for Brazilian Zouk here with other enthusiasts!
  • Share your thoughts, blogs, videos, music, etc! Strictly no event promotion posts. 

Online Brazilian Zouk Classes

  • A group that consolidates all Brazilian Zouk online videos into one group.

Resale Unwanted Zouk Event Tickets

  • This group is for participants of a Brazilian Zouk event to resell their unwanted tickets.
  • It is not for organisers or promoters to sell their tickets.

VIP Anderson & Brenda ZDC

  • For those looking to learn more from our beloved Anderson & Brenda 5x 9-days programme.

Please help connect other Zoukers by sharing and inviting them to our Facebook groups. We couldn’t have done this without the help of those who contribute to building our community. Every little helps, every share helps! 
Thank you x 


ChillZouk - Poland Best Zouk Marathon!

  • Focus on creating & delivering first-class pure social Zouk dance festivals in the World. Marathon-style, no classes! 
  • Bringing dance schools and dancers all closer together from around the World for the best social dancing experience! 
  • Welcoming for teachers to chill and enjoy dancing. No work! 
  • Connecting dancers beyond dancing. Share your lifestyle, friendship, culture, individuality & personality! 
  • Sharing the wonderful culture and beautiful lands of Poland. There is so much we want to share with you! 

ZoukDanceCamp - Unlock Your Full Potential!

  • Building a learning environment suitable for busy individuals who finds it hard to commit to regular dance classes but still want to learn and grow rapidly. 
  • Effective small-sized classes to help you nurture & discover breakthroughs in your dances! 
  • Each ZoukDanceCamp is a fully structured programme with progressive learning. 
    Save time, learn correctly, and develop with the help of world-class teachers. 
  • Avoid or prevent undoing years of bad habits of mislearning. 
  • Full Board: All-inclusive packages. Once you arrive, we take care of everything. Yes, everything! 

ZoukBase - Connecting Brazilian Zouk to the World!

  • A global search tool to help you find local Brazilian Zouk dance classes & social parties! 
  • Over 115+ dance schools are listed from around the world. 
  • Blogs, travel, guides, and dance tips! 
  • Collaborative projects.